Mujeres Valerosas

This book was partially funded by major grants from the Center for Regional Studies, University of New Mexico and the New Mexico Women's Foundation.

Mujeres Valerosas is a documentary book about extraordinary, contemporary women leaders. Through essays, photos and short biographies, the women share insightful life lessons and practical approaches to personal and professional success.

These women bring to life the many different meanings of leadership as they establish organizations that serve their community, grow a business, or work to institute public policies that improve the quality of our lives. As their stories unfold, you will be inspired by their creativity and tenacity in overcoming obstacles and their ability to summon the strength and courage to move beyond the setbacks that happen in

In all there are 79 women highlighted in the book. The book is: 156 pages and includes 83 black and white photographs. The soft cover features a beautiful, color illustration by HWC member Simone Debbas. Cost of the book is $25. Order Book

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, over 1000 books have been donated to all New Mexico Public Libraries and to every elementary, middle-school and high school library.  The book is, therefore, available to readers of every age in every corner of New Mexico. List of sponsors

Women Featured:

Mujeres Valerosas

Maria Elena Alvarez-Luk Merrilee Foreman Ophelia Rinaldi
Lillian G. Apodaca Frances M. Garcia Geraldine E. Rivera
Carla Y. Aragon Loretta A. Guerra Rowena A. Rivera
Mary Archuleta Maria J. Gutierrez Marlene Salas-Provance
Lenore Armijo Doddy Hoffman Carmen R. Samora
Ana Ayala Mari-Luci Jaramillo Vangie Samora
Jacquiline J. Baca Mela Leger Elsie Sanchez
Terrie Flores Baca Teresa Leger de Fernandez Marcela J. Sandoval
Valerie J. Borrego Edna L. Lopez Milli Santillanes
Theresa Cardenas
Susan R. Lopez
Angie Torres
Carmen R. Chavez
Patricia A. Madrid
Gloria Tristani
Judith Cordova
Petra Jimenez Maes
Kim Trujillo
Rosalia de Aragon
Raquel I. Martinez
Martha Vasquez
Maria Estela de Rios
Salome Martinez-Lutz
Raquel Velasquez
Diane D. Denish
Pamela B. Minzner
Carol Vigil
Rose Diaz
Roasalee Montoya-Read
Rebecca Vigil-Giron
Judith M. Espinosa
Melita Ortega
Maclovia Zamora
Leila Flores-Duenas
Ana Pacheco


Teresita E. Aguilar
Maria Griego-Raby
Patricia Montoya
Loretta A. Armenta
Terry Huertaz
Carmen M. Rodriguez
Maria Benitez
Antionette Sedillo Lopez
Sylvia Rodriguez
Margarita Colmenares
Linda M. Lopez
Evangeline Sandoval Trujillo
Carolyn Curiel
Helen R. Lucero
Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Viola E. Florez
Mary Molina Mescall
Elizabeth Duran Watrin
Orcilia Zuniga Forbes Gloria E. Mirabal Maggie Werner-Washburne
Veronica C. Garcia Diana L. Montoya Biana Ortiz Wertheim
Betty Gonzales Margaret E. Montoya