About HWC

The Hispanic Women's Council (HWC) is an all-volunteer organization that can best be defined by looking at what it does. The HWC Board of Directors oversees an ambitious schedule of monthly activities that keep the membership engaged, and a productive committee structure promotes the undertaking of special events and special projects. Due to the dedication of individuals who year after year step up to lead, the HWC has accomplished much and holds a highly visible presence in our community as we work to "promote, support and create opportunities for Hispanic women."

Recognition Awards

Two awards have been established to recognize women trailblazers and women who go beyond the call of duty. The "Las Primeras" award honors women who have achieved an historic first in their field. The "Estrella Brillante" award honors an HWC member who has given extraordinary service to the organization.

Advocacy for Women

HWC is dedicated to increasing the presence of Hispanic women in leadership positions so when a new administration is elected into office, we nominate Hispanic women to positions on boards and commissions and lobby on behalf of women being considered for appointed positions. Additionally, when a Hispanic woman steps onto the public stage, we show up and applaud. To promote the artists among us, we have sponsored an Hispana Art Competition and have featured the work of a local artist on our commemorative10th anniversary poster. We also sponsored a special viewing of "Hispanic Women in the Law," a national documentary video featuring the first Hispanic women to earn law degrees and become practicing lawyers. Of the 26 women featured, four were from New Mexico.

Scholarship Program

The HWC Scholarship Program was established in 2008 to provide academic scholarships to Hispanic women, thus creating a legacy of educating Hispanic women, moving them into professions, and enabling them to become valuable leaders in our community. (See scholarship page of this website for more information.)

ABQ Nouveau RetabloTM

In 2010, HWC created and sponsored ABQ Nouveau Retablo to benefit art education for youth and to raise funds for the HWC Scholarship program. ABQ Nouveau Retablo invites artists, poets, celebrities, and school-aged children to donate retablos to be auctioned at a public event.

To learn more visit ABQ Nouveau Retablo

Collaboration with other Women's Organizations

Collaboration with other women's organizations, such as MANA del Norte, MANA de Albuquerque, Mujeres de LULAC, and the New Mexico Women's Foundation increases our reach and strengthens our impact. The HWC also supports the Barrett Foundation in providing assistance to homeless families and to the American Cancer Society by participating in the annual Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk.

Books Documenting the Lives of Hispanic Women

In 1992, the HWC sponsored the production of Nuestras Mujeres, a book (now out of print) documenting the contributions of Hispanic women to the history of New Mexico. A second book, Mujeres Valerosas, was published in 2006 featuring over 70 contemporary women leaders (available for purchase via this website).


To assure a historical record of our activities is maintained for generations to come, the HWC is establishing an archive at the New Mexico State Records Center & Archives. Along with written records, the HWC archive will include video-taped interviews of select women who are featured in the book, Mujeres Valerosas. All of these materials will become part of the public record and available for educational and research purposes.